7 Effective Ways To Deal With Terrarium Mold

terrarium mold
terrarium mold

Terrarium Mold

Many Terrarium Singapore owners experience that they have to deal with mold at some point. There are several reasons to this - terrariums can sometimes be difficult to clean, the terrarium may not get enough light, or there could be excessive moisture in the terrarium. Mold spores are all around us, and there's no way to completely avoid them. However, you may practice some measures to prevent mold from forming in your terrarium!

Here are 7 Effective Ways To Deal With Terrarium Mold!

1. Springtails

Springtails are advantageous because they would eat up all the different types of mold in terrariums and can be easily accessible and bought in terrarium stores.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is popular for its ability to kill fungus. If you wish to keep mold away from your terrarium, prepare a pot of chamomile tea and pour it over the terrarium. Allow it to seep through the terrarium bedding before removing the terrarium lid.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has been shown to be effective against mold. You can sprinkle baking soda over your terrarium and spray with water every few days until all mold growth has been removed.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

For terrariums with a large amount of mold growth, mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 3 parts water and pour this over your terrarium. Allow it tp seep through the terrarium bedding before removing the terrarium lid. Spray every few days with this mixture until all the mold growth is gone.

6. Vinegar

Soak the affected sections of the terrarium wood in a solution of 1 part household bleach to 9 parts water for 20 minutes. Remove the wood and scrub it with a scrubbing brush to remove any left-over residue. To clean away the remnants, submerge the terrarium wood in a solution of equal parts bleach and water.

7. Replace the substrate

If your terrarium is consistently getting mold, try repotting it in a sterile medium. If you believe that the terrarium base is the reason, using a different terrarium material can also help.

Terrarium Mold

Mold in a terrarium is a quite a trick situation to deal with. Fortunately, here are some terrarium maintenance tips to help you keep your terrarium healthy! Do you have a mold-removal technique that works for you? We'd love to hear about it!

Do you wish to make your own terrarium? Get in touch with us to learn how to make your own terrarium!

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7 Terrarium Maintenance Tips

terrarium maintenance
Terrarium Maintenance

Terrarium Maintenance

Terrarium Singapore are a fantastic way to add some life and a pop of greenery to any space. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so you'll be able to find one that is perfect for your home or office.

Terrariums are famous for needing very little maintenance. But that doesn't give us a reason to totally disregard them. Every now and again, they need a little pampering and love.

Here are 7 Terrarium Maintenance Tips you need for your terrariums!

1. Humidity

It is generally understood (but commonly forgotten) that houseplants require regular watering. However, terrariums are different in that you don't usually have to water them very regularly. The most reliable indicator of whether your plants are getting sufficient water is humidity. It is the end result of having a large amount of water in the system.

You may check humidity by noting the amount of condensation on the glass. If it's constantly foggy, look for wilting, dried-out leaves, and a number of other warning signs. It is likely influenced by what you're growing in your terrarium, but if it's constantly hazy, it means you overwatered it.

2. Remove dead plants early

A terrarium isn't capable of mimicking a natural ecosystem in the same way that a genuine one can. They don't have the species diversity required to properly break down organic waste. If left unchecked, any dead plant matter will simply decompose. We also advise removing plants if they begin to rot or die. This will assist in keeping the equilibrium and lowering the likelihood of a widespread rot spreading throughout your other plants.

3. Prevent direct sunlight

A terrarium requires sunlight, but don't forget that they're essentially a greenhouse. It's simple to burn your plants in direct sunlight. Keep an eye on where you're placing your terrariums and what sort of light your plants require to avoid making a mistake. Because they are more adaptable as far as where you may place them in your home, low-light plants are a fantastic option. If they need more light, you may even use a small grow lamp.

4. Be aware of mould

Mould is the hidden enemy that lurks in the corners of most terrariums. It's mildew and dust, but terrariums are slightly different from any other plants in your home. They're enclosed and have high humidity, which promotes mould development. You can find a large number of terrarium care products that claim to be safe for terrariums, which will kill mould without hurting your plants.

5. Clean your jar

Dirty terrarium jars not only look nasty (and half the charm of terrariums is being able to see them), but it also hinders the plants from obtaining enough light. To remove fibers from the glass, you can clean it using a lint-free cloth and warm purified water.

6. Water carefully

On the rare times where your terrarium does need some hydration, a light amount of water is always better than a huge amount at once. You’d be shocked by how sensitive some plants can be. Handle them too frequently (or spray them with a powerful jet of water) and you can send them into shock – making them to shed their leaves. Instead, use a spray or mister.

7. Let them grow but monitor well

We all want happy and healthy plants but when it comes to terrariums, we can't let them grow too well. Over the course of several years, almost all terrariums need some plant intervention (except for some moss terrariums).

Join a terrarium workshop, it pays to keep the balance in mind. While you want some breathing room for plants to thrive and settle into the setting, you also want to maintain the impression of space and scale you created initially. After all, plants require room to grow, and we're largely restricting them in that manner. They also need light and water, both of which can be restricted through excessive plant growth.

Here’s what to monitor for:

  1. Plants growing onto the side of the container. 
  2. Plants getting so thick and bushy that they begin to block sunlight from reaching other plants
  3. Plants growing too tall that they reach the top of the container.
  4. Fast-growing plants that begin to take over.

Terrarium Maintenance

Terrariums require very little maintenance, but every now and again they require some attention. Follow these tips on caring for terrariums-humidity, removing dead plants early, preventing direct sunlight, being vigilant for mould, clean your jar etc. and you'll be well equipped towards maintaining a beautiful terrarium that thrives!

Are you interested in creating your own terrarium? Get in touch with us to learn how to make your own terrarium!

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Terrarium Plants You Should Consider

Terrarium Plants
Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Singapore are a fantastic way to bring the outdoors inside. However, some plants may not survive in such restricted circumstances, making it difficult to cultivate them. Terrain enclosures need particular conditions that may not be found in every climate or geographical region. We'll go through eight different kinds of plants that thrive in terraria.

1. Artillery Fern (P. Microphylla)

The family Pileaceae is made up of real ferns. Because they eject their seeds in bursts—and on rare occasions, quite far away—they are known as "armerfernen" in Germany. Despite this feature, these plants are delicate and have a beautiful texture. It should be simple to grow and thrive with little care.

2. Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

The Pothos plant is a great Terrarium Plant that flourishes in terrariums. The reputation of golden pothos as a bulletproof, indestructible houseplant is well-deserved, and it's even more true in the controlled environment of a terrarium. To keep it under control, trim it back on a regular.

3. Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes Phyllostachya)

The polka dot plant, also known as the mother-in-law's tongue, is a wonderful Terrarium Plant option. This plant has a smooth texture and may reach up to 3 feet tall when fully grown. The flowers are tiny yet produce nectar in droplets.

4. Baby Tears (Soleirolia Soleirolii)

The name and description of this plant are disputed, according to various sources. The plant is also known as angel's tears, mind-your-own-business, peace-in-the-home, Pollyanna vine, mother of thousands, and Corsican's curse.

The enchantment might be a warning that baby's tears can become extremely invasive and take over entire gardens under specific circumstances. However, don't worry; it'll stay under control in a terrarium, and it's an attractive low-growing plant.

5. Button Fern (Pellaea Rotundifolia)

The leaves of the little textured fern are pleasant to the touch and attractive to view. They grow flat on the ground and may be difficult to tell apart from other plants in an outside garden.

6. Croton (Codiaeum Variegatum)

The croton is a lovely Terrarium Plant. A Cattleya variegatum Croton Terrace Plant is one of the many types of Crotons available. Beans are a South American native plant that may be grown in terraria or as epiphytes if planted straight there. They thrive in low-moisture environments and require little upkeep because they are resilient to dry conditions.

7. Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura)

The Red-veined Prayer Plant is an attractive succulent. The prayer plant's name stems from the fact that it folds its leaves at night, imitating prayer. If your prayer plants don't receive enough sunlight, you'll be able to tell since their leaves will remain flat throughout the day.

8. Nerve Plants (Fittonia)

Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Workshops are a fantastic way to start incorporating some Terrarium to liven up yours pace. Terraria may be put on any surface, including your workstation, dining room table, or even your bedroom windowsill. They're simple to maintain with no water requirements and minimal upkeep! Terrarium Plants will complement any decorating style.

If you're interested in learning how to make a terrarium, please contact us about our award-winning Terrarium Workshop, which includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct your own.

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7 Terrarium Health Benefits

Terrarium Health Benefits
Terrarium Health Benefits

Terrarium Health Benefits

Did you know that terrariums may provide a slew of health benefits? A terrarium is a tiny, self-contained ecosystem kept in a glass container. The plants and lifeforms inside the container purify natural air while also providing oxygen for human consumption.

Terrarium Workshops provides stress relief by using natural light or flowing water to provide soothing visual effects. We'll go through 7 of the greatest health advantages of making your own terrarium!

1. Remove the pollutants from your air so you can breathe more easily!

A terrarium cleans the air of contaminants by removing toxins. These beneficial bacteria may be found in the soil, but they can also be found in a variety of other locations. They transform hazardous chemicals into less harmful versions or render them inactive. A terrarium also provides an oxygen-rich environment for human respiration. The plants' photosynthesis produces oxygen, which is beneficial to one's health.

2. Time to relax and unwind.

It's vital to be proactive in seeking for oneself during stressful events. One approach to do so is to create your own terrarium! While you're working on a project, studying for an exam, or simply dealing with the everyday challenges of life, your human mind can't help but be preoccupied.

3. It helps to stimulate the imagination.

Creativity is the ability to come up with unique ideas or perceive new possibilities in a given scenario. Creating your own terrarium may be an excellent approach to promote creativity! Whether you have a little container or a huge one, arranging and personalizing your terrarium with unique plants and animals is fun.

4. Bring nature back into your life.

A terrarium is a miniature ecosystem that's full of life and natural beauty. When you're in front of your terrarium, there's no way to avoid being carried away into a beautiful and peaceful environment. This tiny environment allows people to reconnect with the natural world while also allowing them to enjoy the natural beauty around them.

5. Boosts Concentration.

You can enhance your attention when you pay attention to your terrarium while decorating and maintaining it. A terrarium necessitates dedication and patience. The making and exploration of the tiny world within the container will help you focus on your job. On the other hand, a terrarium may assist you in refocusing your concentration on what is really important. Terrarium Singapore allows you to do with workshops.

6. After Surgery Recovery.

Provide comfort and healing to those who are ill or recovering from surgery. Plants and flowers are occasionally given as presents to individuals who are sick or have been hospitalized. Plant-based medicines' physiologically and psychologically advantageous effects have been studied. Patients experience less pain, which reduces their need for pharmaceutical pain medication while also speeding the recovery process.

7. Improve brain health.

Terrariums are a self-sustaining ecosystem that generates breathable fresh air on a daily basis, allowing us to clear our minds and relax. Terrariums provide the appearance of greenery as well as endorphins and other natural chemicals while being utilized at home or at work.

Terrarium Health Benefits

Terrariums may provide several health benefits despite their modest size. They purify the air and can help to relieve tension. These tiny biomes stimulate attention and imagination while reconnecting people with nature. Consider growing one in your house or place of business if these seven health advantages interest you!

Do you want to give it a shot at making your own terrarium? For more information on how to make your own terrarium, contact us right now!

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Why Do Terrariums Make Such Great Gifts?

Terrarium Gifts
Terrarium Gifts

Terrarium Gifts

Terrarium Singapore are lovely presents for every occasion. A terrarium is the ideal gift since recipients will be ecstatic to unwrap their own plant present! People really enjoy receiving them because they'll be overjoyed to discover what's inside.

They like getting them since they are something different from a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. In this blog article, we'll go through reasons why you should give someone a terrarium as soon as possible!

1. It's cost-effective and simple to maintain.

Terrariums are great for growing plants indoors, whether you live in an apartment or work in a company with no windows. They allow people who don't have access to a yard or garden to bring nature inside as well as those who work from home or in companies that lack window views. Terrariums also allow year-round gardening.

2. There are numerous health advantages.

It is a well-known fact that being in touch with nature has a soothing and calming effect on people. Terrariums offer this sense of peace by allowing for a close connection to be made with nature. Fresh materials, such as plants and mushrooms, are utilized in terrariums, which give off pleasant fragrances.

3. It's a lovely addition to any area.

Terrariums may be utilized as beautiful decorations, but they may also brighten up any room. They're wonderful for desks and dressers, especially in places where plants aren't allowed, such as flats and workplaces. Terrariums are excellent presents year-round, but they're particularly appreciated at this time of year.

4. It's a bargain.

Because terrariums are inexpensive and readily available at a number of shops, they're frequently given as birthday presents. Terrariums are excellent housewarming gifts or moving into new homes or offices since they necessitate the planting of a living thing. Terrariums are fantastic presents for plant collectors, gardeners, nature enthusiasts, and anybody who enjoys decor.

5. Choose the right style and color!

It's possible to personalize terrariums to one's preference, such as the hue of plants or terrarium décor. Terrarium Workshops are a great way to start. Personalization allows for a unique experience since it displays something that matters a great deal to you. Your terrarium will be unlike any other in the world since it will represent your own personal style and preferences! Terrariums are ideal for individuals who enjoy creating their own things. Terrariums may be configured to suit the recipient's tastes, making them a simple gift for almost everyone.

Terrarium Gifts

Here are five compelling reasons why terrariums make wonderful gift suggestions for all occasions. Terrariums are an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain present for friends or family who live in flats or work from home without windows. Terrariums may also help to decrease tension by releasing ions that provide health benefits and provide attractive year-round interior decor.

Would you want to make your own terrarium as a gift for friends or family? Visit our website to learn how to create your own terrarium!

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8 Reasons To Have A Terrarium At Home

Terrarium At Home
Terrarium At Home

Terrarium At Home

Terrarium are a wonderful method to bring nature and greenery into your living space. They may be appreciated by people of all skill levels, from those with no prior gardening experience to seasoned gardeners! Terrarium Singapore have been gaining in popularity lately, with terrarium plant sales being offered over the internet. This blog article will go through six reasons!

1. They provide therapeutic benefits.

Terrariums have a relaxing effect since they bring the natural environment inside. Terrace plants and terrarium moss also produce a calming atmosphere. Succulents and other terrarium mosses, for example, make you feel more serene as well as less nervous. They also help you get a good night's sleep by generating oxygen at night

2. They're Simple To Maintain.

Succulents can be grown in a terrarium, which is an ecosystem that doesn't require watering or fertilizing. Succulent plants thrive in bright, warm environments, so they are ideal for creating terrariums. Every week or two, certain succulent plants, such as ferns and mosses, require some water.

Hanging terrariums may also be cultivated in a range of settings, including on windowsills and in hanging baskets. They're enclosed, making them ideal for people who don't have time to tend to their plants on a daily basis!

3. They're Suitable for Allergies.

Terrariums are a fantastic alternative for allergy sufferers since they eliminate all of the allergens that may be found at home. Some of the most popular terrarium plants include ferns, mosses, and alpine plants because they do not shed spores or attract pollinators. Mosses and ferns also serve as humidity controllers.

4. They may be exhibited in a wide range of places.

Terrariums may be placed almost anywhere in your house. They may be displayed on a windowsill, on a terrarium shelf, or even on the floor. They can also look great when complemented with flowers or other decorations, providing visual interest as well.

5. It's Easy to Start Your Own Terrarium.

Terrarium plants are one of the simplest ways to spruce up your space! They don't require a lot of attention, so you won't have to worry about watering or fertilizing them on a regular basis! They don't need much time or work, and all you have to do is fill the bottom of your terrarium with moss and give

6. Keeps the air in your home clean.

Plants in indoor terrariums are used to purify the air and increase its relative humidity through phytoextraction and transpiration. Houseplants are recognized for filtering out and eliminating pollutants such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde while also lowering overall carbon dioxide levels.

7. They Link The Interior With The Exterior.

Terrariums create an environment that is both natural and damp, much like a wetland. Terrestrial plants in terrariums absorb moisture from the porous glass walls, which creates a natural, moist atmosphere inside the container. It will also keep your terrarium's temperature at a pleasant and comfortable level for ferns and mosses.

8. An Excellent Learning Tool

Terrarium Workshops are an excellent method for kids and adults to learn about science. These tiny ecosystems bring science up close and personal for a group of individuals, allowing them to observe how plants develop and how the water cycle works throughout the system up close.

Terrarium At Home

Terrariums are a wonderful method for anybody to have plants in their house without having to do any of the work or make any of the decisions. Terrariums are also excellent presents! If this blog article has piqued your interest in terrariums, please contact us and we'd be delighted to help you develop your own!

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6 Benefits Of Making Terrariums

Terrarium Benefits
Terrarium Benefits

Terrarium Benefits

Do you enjoy the beauty and serenity of plants? If that's the case, Terrarium Workshops will allow you to create and learn wonderful methods to grow them. This article will go through six fascinating terrarium advantages, so be sure to check it out!

1. Providing Oxygen

Plants in a terrarium release oxygen, which is why they are beneficial to your health. This implies that terrarium plants help your health in a variety of ways, including increasing lung capacity, boosting cognitive function, and supporting a healthy heart. Terrarium plants also remove chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene from the air, making them great for individuals.

2. Maintaining Good Health

Indoor plants benefit those who reside in the same region by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and bringing heart rate and blood pressure levels back to normal ranges. Plants have also been found to aid with anger management, tension alleviation, anxiety reduction, depression reduction, and overall energy levels.

4. Helps the recovery process go more smoothly

Plants and flowers may aid in the healing process after an illness or surgical operation. Plants have been given to patients when they are unwell or hospitalized for a reason. Physically and mentally, plants have been scientifically demonstrated to have curative capabilities. Overall, individuals experience less pain, which not only speeds up their recovery time but also allows them to rec

4. Therapeutic And Relaxing

Terrariums provide a variety of advantages, one of which is that they may be utilized to generate a relaxing atmosphere. If you're having trouble falling asleep or just want to unwind with a book, work, or study in your bedroom, terrariums are ideal.

5. It's Simple To Keep Clean

Terrarium plants are also a great choice since they require very little care, so you won't have to worry about watering or fertilizing them on a regular basis! They don't need much time or effort, and all terrarium plants just require some moss at the bottom to keep them wet and some modest sunshine!

6. Decorative items

Terrarium Singapore is a great way to add interest and character to your house or office since they are so tiny. Terracotta pots for terrarium plants are ideal in drab areas because they bring brightness! They may be placed on desks, tables, or even draped from the walls; there's no end to where you can put them!

Terrarium Benefits

There are several health advantages of growing your own terrarium plants. Terracotta benefits abound, and terrarium plants have been proven to improve one's health. Whether you're seeking for a way to reduce tension or a simple-to-care-for plant that doesn't require much time and attention, terraria plants may be the ideal option!

If you're interested in creating a terrarium, please contact us to find out how!

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6 Cool Terrarium Ideas

Terrarium Ideas
Terrarium Ideas

Terrarium Ideas

Terracotta may be utilized both inside and outside. If you want to learn more about what Terrariums Singapore are, they usually include plants in glass jars with soil at the bottom. Here are six fun, quick and easy terrarium ideas to add nature into your home or workplace, and they make for a stunning item as well.

1. There is no upkeep required.

Plants can thrive in a terrarium since it has the correct degree of humidity and shade, as well as the perfect temperature. Terrariums are simple to keep up with and only require moderate care; all you have to worry about is watering it when necessary.

You may also keep plants that need more care in a terrarium's other environments; air plant terrariums are one such example. Air plants flourish in terrariums since they have plenty of root area to develop and thrive.

2. For extra impact, add a tiny terrarium within an ornament for display.

Terrariums may be created in a wide variety of forms and sizes! They come in all shapes and sizes, even if you don't have enough room for traditional terrariums! Why not make a tiny terrarium within an ornament if you don't have enough space for them? You can either open the top of your ornament or pry it off.

3. Make a terrarium for your desk or workplace.

A terrarium on your desk or at work can help you get motivated to work, and seeing plants grow is usually soothing. Plants in the workplace may also boost productivity since they produce natural scents that enhance cognitive performance.

4. Keep one in your car to assist you relax and remove pollutants from the air.

They're great for keeping bugs at bay, as well as pollutants and foul scents. They're also attractive and simple to maintain, making them ideal for your automobile. In addition, terrariums may help reduce stress levels and improve air quality in your community!

5. It's a good idea to place one in your house, but if you're allergic to dust, it's not the greatest alternative.

Terrariums make fantastic gifts for anybody, regardless of age. They're simple to maintain, making them ideal for people who don't have much time to work on projects or those who aren't very experienced with plants. However, the maintenance techniques they use may not be as efficient. They allow for the formation of thoughts and activities that might otherwise get neglected in other settings, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere. Make one soon in a terrarium workshop nearby you!

6. Terrariums may be utilized as decorations if constructed correctly.

Terrariums can be used for a number of purposes. Terrariums may be utilized to decorate your home or business, among other things. By combining air plants, you may make a natural-looking terrarium that looks like it's growing naturally.

Terrarium sculptures may also be made. Fill a cracked glass jar halfway full of dirt and then fill it to the brim with earth! Continue layering your terrarium as you go up until you reach approximately six or seven levels, making a dome on top!

Terrarium Ideas

Terrariums are a fantastic way to bring nature inside your home or office. They may be used as beautiful objects, terrarium sculptures, and even act as air purifiers by removing pollutants that cause allergies! If you're interested in creating your own unique one, please contact us.

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The Different Types Of Terrariums

Terrarium Types
Terrarium Types

Terrarium Types

Terrarium Singapore are a great way to bring nature into your home of office. They are generally easy to take care off, and are an excellent decoration piece for any table or desk. There are many different terrarium types, but the most popular one is the succulent terrarium.

This article will discuss The Different Types Of Terrariums, as well as tips on how to maintain them!

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent terrariums are for anybody who wants a plant that requires little maintenance to liven up their living space. Succulents are desert plants that require little water, making them ideal for terrariums! Depending on how often you water them, they can survive anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Simply put your succulents in soil with rocks at the bottom of the container. Then, add water until it reaches the roots of your succulents. The soil should be moist but not flooded with water to prevent root rot.

Moss Terrarium

Moss terrariums are a brilliant way to decorate your home. Moss is a type of plant that can be found in nature. A moss terrarium will seem to have come straight from the outdoors. Fill the container with soil and lay the moss on top. Make sure there's enough water but not too much so that it doesn't flood!

Desert Terrarium

A desert terrarium requires a dry, arid climate. Succulents and cacti are used in this terrarium, which will thrive in a similar dry, arid environment as how it is in their native desert. This terrarium does not require much water and should not be placed in a jar!

Bonsai Terrarium

Bonsai terrariums are terrariums that use the bonsai as its centerpiece plant. They only require a little amount of water each day. To care for them, simply water them sparingly, and they will handle the rest! However, it is crucial to note to change the water for this terrarium type as well.

Terrarium Types

Attending Terrarium Workshops are a great way to bring nature indoors and they come in many different types. The most popular one is the succulent terrarium for people who prefer low-maintenance plants that can last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you water them.

There are also moss terraria which look like they're picked from the woods when created correctly because of their plant type requirements, desert terrariums with succulents or cacti (which require dry conditions), and bonsai terrariums which only require watering sparingly but remember to change the water every day!

We hope this article has allowed you to learn more about some common types of terrariums. If you'd like to create your very own mini-garden for your home or office, click here to learn more as we would love to provide you the best Terrarium Workshop experience!

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Terrarium Making Benefits For Team Building

Terrarium Team Building
Terrarium Team Building

Terrarium Team Building

Team building event workshops such as Terrarium Workshops are becoming increasingly popular. They're gorgeous, environmentally friendly, and anybody can do it! If you want your team members to bond, terrarium making is an ideal solution.

Here are the Terrarium Making Benefits For Team Building:

Easy Maintenance

Terrariums are different from normal garden plants. Because water and gases are constantly circulated in the terrarium, it requires less monitoring! All you need to do is clean your terrarium every month or so, and you're good to go! Of course, if your terrarium begins to look dry, add a little bit of water.

How does this benefit team building? Your team members can all make their own terrarium and even discuss strategies for maintaining and decorating them, providing a common discussion topic which facilitates bonding.

It's An Affordable Team Activity

Are you fond of plants, but find them expensive or lack the space to try out gardening? Terrariums are an affordable way for you to satisfy your green thumb! Terrarium making is a relatively less expensive alternative to traditional gardening, and it's also a fantastic method to get together when your team members are all creating their own tiny gardens in The Fun Empire's Terrarium Workshops.

Terrariums Are Really Easy To Make

Terrariums are simple to make and require no special skills or tools! All you need is a little creativity! You and your team can get together and help one another out while comparing your terrarium designs during our Terrarium Workshops. Alternatively, you may purchase a home kit that includes all of the necessary materials so that you may create your own Terrariums to display in your home!

Inclusive Activity

Furthermore, many physical games are unable to accommodate large groups simultaneously. While people wait for their turn to play, they may feel excluded and not feel present with the rest of the team. In contrast, the Terrarium Workshop is able to accommodate both small and large groups all at one go. This way, everyone is going to feel included and is able to have fun – which is what team building is all about.

Makes You Feel At Ease

Spending time around nature boosts your mental health and physical well-being. It also helps you to focus better and relieve tensions you have in the body. Surprisingly, this can also be done by having a terrarium with you! Since the plants are green in colour, it is able to calm you down if you are feeling stress.

Furthermore, terrariums help to lower blood pressure and emotional stress. As a result, this can definitely help relationships in the office when colleagues feel at ease and is able to communicate effectively with one another.

Terrarium Team Building

Terrariums are fantastic for team building! Simple to make, terrarium making is a great activity that can be done anywhere even at home! Since terrariums are beginner-friendly and require low maintenance, your team members will have something they can bond over while also creating something uniquely theirs.

Looking to learn more on terrarium making or want to experience Terrarium Team Building? Get in touch with us to learn more! We look forward to providing you a wonderful Terrarium Singapore Team Building experience.

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