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8 Best Air Plants in Singapore [2024]

Air Plant Singapore

Air Plant Singapore
Air Plant Singapore

One of the more popular low-maintenance native plants especially in Singapore is the hairy little planet called the Tillandsia known colloquially as air plants that usually grows on tree branches.

Known for their natural beauty, little or no maintenance, ease of care, air-purifying capability, and minimal need for soil the ideal futuristic plant for practically everyone in Singapore.

With our space-strained living quarters, many of us are looking for low-maintenance plants that can easily be cultivated and still beautify your home and purify the air.

This article will review and identify some of the best Air plants to be considered in Singapore and to find the perfect green friend for your home or office.

What Are Air Plants?

Air plants (plants in the Tillandsia genus, in the Bromeliaceae family) are epiphytes that grow in tiny crevices or on the surface of other plants or objects, absorbing moisture and nutrients through their leaves and roots. Their lack of soil requirements means they are easy to grow and adaptable. More than 600 species of Tillandsia exist and the diversity guarantees that there is a plant for every cactus-obsessed enthusiast and zen aesthetic.

How to Care for Air Plants

While slow growing but pretty enough as decorative wall succulents, air plants are easy to care for – with this knowledge. Here’s what you need to know. General care tips:

  • Light: Air plants do best in bright, indirect light. Find a spot near a window that receives lots of filtered sunlight. They don’t like direct, hot sunlight that can easily burn their leaves.
  • Care: You water air plants by soaking them in water for around 20-30 minutes every 1-2 weeks and gently shake off the excess water. Then allow them to dry thoroughly to avoid rot. Misting them a few times between waterings can also help to keep up their humidity.
  • Circulation: Good air and water circulation will help prevent moisture buildup that can contribute to fungal infections and prevent healthy growth. Keep them in areas with good circulation.
  • Fertilise: Although air plants can do without fertilisers, apply a bromeliad or air plant-specific fertiliser once a month, if you want to boost their growth and greenery.

8 Best Air Plants in Singapore

1. Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha, another popular air plant, is a distinctive rose or purple colour flower, at blooming. The leaves are red or pink and the flowers are purple. Bright indirect light and regular misting. Soak once a week.

2. Tillandsia Xerographica

One of the largest air plants, this rosette looks like it might have been named for a biblical character: the ’King of Air Plants’. Its scalloped silvery leaves curl gracefully around to form the plant’s crown. Great decor option. This plant needs a friendly environment, so place it in bright, indirect light and soak it every two weeks.

3. Tillandsia Bulbosa

Tillandsia Bulbosa has tentacle-like leaves and is a rather hardy and creepy air plant. The leather-like leaves are dark green but can purple up a bit in bright light. HUMID PREFERRED, LOW LIGHT. Mist often and soak once per week.

4. Tillandsia Caput-Medusae

Also known as a Medusa aerophyte, this air plant has harrowing, serpentine, twisting leaves. Its red spikes and branches are crowned with purple flowers. Needs bright indirect light. Mist often. Best soaked weekly.

5. Tillandsia Aeranthos

With its slender, grassy leaves and pink and purple florets, Tillandsia Aeranthos is a favourite with collectors of exotic air plants. Likes bright indirect and direct sunlight, and frequent misting, soak weekly.

6. Tillandsia Stricta

This unusual species has upright, stiff, dark-green leaves and bears spectacular pink or red flowers. It’s easygoing – the plant for the indoor-plant-challenged – and would surely gain the newcomer’s respect should it survive and flourish. It needs bright, indirect light and a good soaking once a week or whenever the leaves start to soften. Mist it once in a while.

7. Tillandsia Houston (Cotton Candy)

Tillandsia Houston commonly known as Cotton Candy, is soft, pastel pink flowers resembling Cotton Candy. Soft, green leaves make up a beautiful rosette. Loves lots of bright indirect light and can’t forget some regular misting and weekly soaking.

8. Tillandsia Tectorum

Unique to this species is its outer layer of very fine, white trichomes (bristles) that make it look fuzzy. Very drought-tolerant and prefers dry conditions. Needs bright, indirect light and minimal water to thrive – soak every few weeks.

Where to Buy Air Plants in Singapore

Air plants can easily be purchased online and in physical stores in Singapore. Here are some options:

  • Rabbit Island SG: Known for a wide variety of air plants and accessories.
  • Pick A Plant: Offers an extensive collection of air plants and other houseplants.
  • Noah Garden Centre: A well-known nursery with a range of air plants.
  • E-commerce Stores: With sellers from Shopee, Lazada, and more, order air plants online with delivery included.

Creative Ways to Display Air Plants

Air plants offer endless creative possibilities for display. Here are some ideas:

  • Terrariums: Create a miniature garden with air plants, stones, and decorative elements.
  • Hanging Displays: Use glass orbs or macrame hangers to suspend air plants in mid-air.
  • Mounted on Driftwood: Attach air plants to pieces of driftwood for a natural, rustic look.
  • DIY Projects: Craft unique holders from materials like seashells, ceramics, or metal frames.

Air Plant Singapore

With low-maintenance nature, care instructions, and their unique appearance, decorating with air plants is an innovative idea that really adds some beauty to empty spaces.

Choosing the best air plants for Singapore and taking care of them properly, not only creates an ambiance but will also improve your positive energy and provide an air-circulation system in your home or office. Try decorating with air plants today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Air Plant Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

How often should I water my air plants?

You should soak air plants in water for 20-30 minutes every 1-2 weeks. They should also be mistreated by watering regularly.

Can air plants survive indoors?

Yes, they do grow fine indoors provided they do get bright, enough indirect sunlight, light and plenty of air movement.

Do air plants need fertilizer?

Although this isn’t absolutely necessary, fertilising once a month with a fertiliser made for flowering bromeliads or air plants will amp up growth.

What are the best types of air plants for beginners?

Tillandsia Ionantha, Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss), Tillandsia Cyanea, and Tillandsia Stricta are ideal plants for a person who is just getting started gardening with bromeliads as they’re super easy to take care of.