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10 Best Terrarium Workshops In Singapore [2024]

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrarium Workshop Singapore
Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrarium workshops are a popular hobby in Singapore that allows you to unwind while also getting creative and upskilling. With the trend to reintroduce nature in our built-up city, these terrarium workshops are great opportunities to learn more about designing such urban art.

Coupled with its enormous therapeutic benefits, learning to craft a terrarium is also a great way to start some ‘me’ time.

For this guide on terrarium making workshops, we have compiled a list of the best terrarium creation workshops in Singapore, with styles of terrarium workshops that suit different needs, to find your perfect terrarium-crafting workshop.

Best Terrarium Making Workshops In Singapore

1. Terrarium Singapore Workshop

The Terrarium Singapore Workshop is a top choice for those who appreciate contemporary and minimalist designs, they provide customized terrarium workshops and a group terrarium workshop.

Touted as an ‘easy-care workshop’, the team of plant-mad fanatics places great emphasis on modern-looking compositions of succulent terrariums, in which partakers learn how to select plants for their kind, create visually pleasing arrangements select plants in glass containers, and provide spatial settings to retain their succulents at home.

For those who like their home to have clean lines and modern appeal, this succulent terrarium workshop is a must-try.

2. FunEmpire Terrarium Workshop

In FunEmpire’s workshop, is turned into a fantastical terrarium workshop Singapore experience as you are guided through the process of cultivating miniature gardens and landscapes that are the fruits of your imagination while learning practical gardening skills.

The intensive hands-on learning experience along with the wide array of plants and adornments ensures that everyone leaves with at least basic gardening skills and a living terrarium, skilfully pieced together under the guidance of workshop instructors.

FunEmpire is a tailored crafting company that focuses on creativity and storytelling.

3. Team Building Activities Singapore Workshop

If you are a nature lover and curious about the science behind your own terrariums, the Team Building Activities Singapore Workshop is the place for you. Their expert botanists will guide you through the ecological science of team building and terrariums.

From choosing the right plants and potting soil to ensuring biodiversity and managing your terrarium ecosystem, you will gain hands-on experience and knowledge on how to build a thriving terrarium mini garden here in our workshop.

4. Super Farmers – Urban Farming Terrariums

Super Farmers, an LA-based urban farming and terrarium-making workshop curates urban farming workshop customized terrarium workshops that contain edible plants, herbs, and vegetables as part of the whole terrarium workshop design, inviting urban enthusiasts to learn various terrarium techniques as well as introducing participants learn the use low maintenance of sustainable and organic materials along with basic knowledge of urban farming and plant nutrition, merging flowers with food, eventually empowering individuals’ own local resources for self-sustainable living.

5. The Green Capsule – Terrarium Artistry

At the Green Capsule, on the other hand, terrarium-making is elevated to the level of art: their workshops focus on terrarium design, and the instructor leads students to explore the ways that preserved moss and natural stones can be combined with their own miniature garden, figurines air plants in order to create eye-pleasing terrarium landscapes.

The green-thumbed participants are required to think outside the box in order to put together more unusual and creative virtual terrarium workshops and compositions.

6. The Tini Green Ones – Miniature Terrariums

The Tini Green Ones is a minuscule-scale terrarium-building workshop, that helps even terrarium building novices design and assemble minuscule in-the-hand terrariums that house tiny plants, diminutive accessories, and decorative items on a fine substrate.

A good choice for lovers of miniature gardens and the minuscule miniature garden, who relish and manage detail well, the end finished product of this workshop is a small charming decorative botanical masterpiece.

7. J2 Terrarium – Nature-Inspired Creations

J2 Terrarium understands the universal appeal of natural landscapes, and terrarium crafting and so its workshop uses natural elements such as driftwood, stones, and moss in designing terrariums. Participants are taught about design principles, color matching, and space configuration in individual terrarium workshops.

They leave with their own very own terrarium, private terrarium workshop, and collections of zen-themed terrariums, complete with lush greenery. For those seeking a form of therapy and the ability to bring the natural outdoors into their homes, this might be your ideal choice.

8. Crafts For Green – Upcycled Terrariums

In an upcycled terrarium workshop from Crafts For Green, sustainable design is promoted. Participants trace a contemporary trend and learn to reuse materials, such as glass jars, bottles, or even teacups, to create unique, ready-made terrariums and containers.

The workshop sends out a message to use recycled stuff and a type of crafting that people with a green thumb and an eco-conscious mind may be attracted to if they are also creative individuals.

9. Ecoponics – Ecosystem Terrariums

Ecoponics offers a workshop in which participants will be guided to create an ecosystem terrarium with living spaces inside of a glass bowl. This includes learning about foods plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects found in an ecosystem team building a terrarium to create a balanced holobiont (microcosm).

Participants will the terrarium workshop curriculum be instructed on how nature operates as a whole living space. The virtual terrarium workshop itself is ideal for those interested in the science behind terrarium culture and ecological harmony!

10. The Green Co. – Terrarium Workshop for Children

The Green Co. provides extraordinary artistic educational and other workshop materials providing a fun terrarium building workshop experience for children where learning about plant care and the basics of terrarium-making is made as interactive as possible for the little ones in an interesting and creative manner.

Children are guided to create their own little green world with hands-on fun activities designed keeping the younger ones in mind. It a fun experience that’s extremely ideal for families looking to indulge in an interesting activity together.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Taking a terrarium-making workshop in Singapore has many benefits – including creative expression, stress-relief terrarium making, and learning plant care and ecological process skills. They suit the tastes and skill levels of various kinds of people and can also introduce a sense of fun. In addition, besides when you make your modern terrarium and urban farming masterpiece by yourself, it can also become an indispensable family fun activity. This guide lists the best terrarium workshop provider in Singapore, any of which is sure to be your ideal day out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Terrarium Workshop Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What should I expect during a terrarium workshop?

During a terrarium workshop, you can expect to learn the basics of terrarium-making, including plant selection, arranging plants, and creating a balanced ecosystem. Instructors provide guidance and tips to help you create your own personal terrarium.

Can I bring my own materials to a terrarium workshop?

Most terrarium workshops provide all the necessary materials and tools for personal terrarium making. However, it’s advisable to check with the individual terrarium workshop, provider, terrarium shop, or organizer beforehand to see if you can bring your own materials or if there are any specific requirements.

How do I care for my terrarium after the workshop?

Proper care for your terrarium includes understanding the specific watering and lighting requirements of all the materials and plants within it. Regularly monitor moisture levels and make adjustments as needed. Workshop instructors or online resources can provide guidance on best practices for terrarium maintenance.

How do I choose the right terrarium workshop?

Consider factors such as the workshop’s location, duration, schedule, size, participant ratio, and reputation. Researching and shortlisting workshops based on these factors will help you choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.