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10 Points Why Archery Is the Best Game in Singapore [2024]

Archery Team Building Singapore

Best Archery Team Building Singapore
Best Archery Team Building Singapore

Archery tag, also known as archery dodgeball, is a new and fast-growing sport that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. Archery tag combines the best elements of archery and dodgeball to create an intense and exciting game that is perfect for team building activities or just a fun day out with friends. Here are the 10 Points Why Archery Is the Best Game in Singapore!

1. Great for beginners

Great for beginners – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

These combat archery tag games’ primary objective is to be enjoyable.

No prior archery experience is required to participate in combat archery. As a matter of fact, the majority of participants have never used a bow and arrow, so there is no need to be concerned if you are a beginner. We can teach you combat archery, so you don’t need any experience!

All you need to do is maintain your strategic plan if you want to coordinate your team effectively or even engage in corporate team-building exercises!

While you have time to become used to the bow, facilitators will be there to assist you along the way. Furthermore, you will receive explicit instructions at the briefing so that you can play without problem.

If you are a beginner, click here for some useful tips on how to win the game! 

2. You can play it anywhere!

Play it anywhere – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

On the sand, is battle archery possible? Sure! Why not in the local park? sure enough! Archery games can be played in a variety of locations in Singapore.

You get to pick whether you want to have fun playing archery tag indoors or outside. If you have a particular venue preference, our accommodating facilitators would be happy to accommodate you!

Simply get in touch with Fun Empire to get budget-friendly archery tag packages and reserve a flexible event time slot for a celebration that’s customized to your requirements.

Leave it to us if you want to escape the headache; you can choose from a choice of protected, convenient places.

3. Neon Game Feature

Neon Game Feature – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

The neon combat archery tag in Singapore will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to another planet! If you want to provide something unique and enjoyable for everyone to participate in, pick a neon indoor archery tag event.

The neon lighting feature not only has a cool aesthetic appeal, but it also adds a new level of difficulty by making it harder to see your rivals! While you fill up on arrows, hide behind the glow-in-the-dark bunkers, which can serve as a distraction.

Additionally, have a look at this neon archery tag set, which will undoubtedly improve your team’s ability to bond.

The most important thing is to remember to get your cameras ready because this is a fantastic opportunity to take tons of amazing photos!

4. Awesome Game Modes

Game modes – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

You may attempt at least two amazing game styles during an archery tag Singapore session! Different archery tournaments offer varying degrees of difficulty and distinctive goals that will help the teams accomplish their goals.

You can play these archery tag game modes indoors for birthday parties or for the most enjoyable family-friendly experience, or you can use them for your upcoming team-building activity.

Either option will undoubtedly have you having a good time and laughing all day long.

Take over and wipe out the opposition in Domination, make sure no one is left behind in Revival, and rescue your kingdom in The Last King!

The game’s rules and goals will be explained by our own expert team, so pay attention and start formulating your plans now!

5. A change of target

Change of target – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

This is your opportunity to take vengeance on your friends! The target on the target board is no longer the main focus of this archery tag match; instead, it is your rivals.

As a team-building exercise, you can play battle archery tag with your teammates and have the best archery tag game ever.

Additionally, you will have to aim at a moving target, which will challenge your accuracy. As a result, you also become the target!

So make sure to concentrate on aiming and avoiding at the same time. Otherwise, you can suddenly find yourself out of the game! Give it your all to take the victory!

6. Safe and Painless

Safe and painless – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

In contrast to paintball, which could result in bleeding and bruises, combat archery is completely painless and safe.

Our activities have completed ISO 9001 quality certification in addition to getting a BizSAFE Level 3 accreditation. Additionally given are all necessary safety masks, foam-tipped arrows, and briefings.

Indoor archery is another choice for individuals who want a calm, cozy atmosphere. Your safety is our main priority, so you can be certain that major steps are being made to ensure it. Our specialty is creating wonderful experiences while ensuring the utmost safety. There are no worries because safety game referees are also available.

7. Suitable for all Ages

Suitable for all ages – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Whether you’re young or old, playing archery games has no age restrictions! If you are at least 1.2 meters tall, you will most likely have a role to play. Combat archery tag is an exciting game that requires analysis and showcasing team members’ talents.

An excellent activity to bridge generational barriers in the workplace and between family members is archery tag in Singapore. Choose an indoor archery range and pretend to be a primary archer shooting from behind the bunkers if you’d rather not perspire too much.

For those who are more active, take advantage of this chance to demonstrate your agility with smooth movements, evading, quickness, and accuracy!

8. Highly Affordable

Affordable – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

When delightful activities should be widely accessible and incredibly reasonable, why break the bank? If you reside in a city with a high cost of living, we have you covered! Prices start at only $15 per person, so you can save money while having a fantastic time. You may be confident that the price has no bearing on the quality. Each of our facilitators will need to complete an internal ASEA quality training course before they are allowed to supervise any event.

9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

As teams work together to achieve a common objective in an archery tag sport, communication and teamwork are crucial elements.

You’ll be utilizing each team member’s strength to offset another’s weakness as the archery tag action gets underway and watching your opponents’ strategies. Teams frequently develop original solutions to problems in a cooperative manner with the least amount of conflict.

These soft skills can be applied to the workplace to improve output and the working environment.

10. Great for all occasions

Great for all occasion – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Playing archery games always has a purpose, whether it be to create a fun memory while indoor archery with friends on your birthday or to fortify a bond with coworkers while participating in a team building activity.

Since we are the biggest archery tag provider and provide combat archery for all ages, archery tag Singapore is perfect for every event and target audience and makes for an excellent team-building exercise.

Combat archery is a preferred activity in schools because it emphasizes communication at new student introductions and camps.

Games involving archery are especially good for building rapport since they encourage teamwork and lots of laughter.

Tips when playing archery tag

To play archery tag safely and with enjoyment, keep in mind the following advice:

1. Make sure you are prepared to play.

2. When running or avoiding arrows, be cautious and aware of potential danger.

3. Pay strict attention to the instructions given by the referee.

4. Together with your squad, create an attack strategy to defeat your opponents.

5. If possible, use covered shoes and dress comfortably for activity.

6. Choose locations in Singapore that are practical, ideally close to transportation choices.

7. Have a great time!

Here at Fun Empire, as the leading archery tag provider, we organize archery tag games and have more archery tag equipment than others. Our services are suitable for team-building events and can be conducted in your preferred event venue. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quality products, as we only give you the best team-building event.

Archery Tag Singapore

What are you waiting for if taking part in an archery tag session in Singapore has so many advantages? Get your blood pumping while staying in shape!

Ask The Fun Empire for a price on a one-stop event solution today! The Fun Empire also provides buffet meals, professional gifts, and bus transportation. Furthermore, this is the perfect Singapore team building activity!

P.S. Are you trying to find winning tactics for Archery Tag? You can use the handy cheat sheet provided here for your upcoming session.

What rules apply to the game “archery tag”?

In the fast-paced, dodgeball-like game of “archery tag,” two teams try to shoot arrows at one another while avoiding getting shot themselves. The game is over when a player is hit by an arrow and eliminated from it, or when one team runs out of arrows. Each player typically has six arrows.

What category does archery fall under?

Players in the game “archery tag” fire arrows at pre-set targets.